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Bon Voyage – Paris, I Love You!



Bon Voyage – Paris, I Love You!
Working in studio over the new album with German producer Marc Elsner
11.12.2009 - Sport Complex "Olimpiiskyi", new album and tribute album presentation by "Mashina Vremeni", Moscow, Russia
Svirzh World Music Festival 2009, Lviv region, Ukraine, 1.08.2009
International Romani Art Festival, Timisoara, Romania
Linz Harbour festival - Hafenfest'09
Austria - Germany, festivals, 29-31.05.2009
Kustendorf ' 08.01.2009
15.01.2009 Culture House of Railwaymen, Chisinau, Moldova
27.09.2008 - Sergey Kuryokhin "Ethnomecanica" International Festival, St.Petersburg , Russia
Concert in "B-2" club in Moscow, explosive concert'n drive!!! October, 17, 2008
Hard day's night, Roman si Mihai.
Esperanza! Festival in Belgium and Samstad Festival in Germany, 01-02.08.2008
Linz Europe Tour 2008, Karlsruhe, Germany, 22.07.2008
Photosession, Tiganesti, Moldova, May 2008
Ut Connewitz, Leipzig, Germany
The closing concert of the European tour "Ethnomecanica" in Chisinau, 29th April 2008
Concert "Linz Europe Tour" in Izmail, Ukraina, 26.07.2007
Concert "Linz Europe Tour" in Galati, Romania, 24.07.2007
"Linz Europe Tour" openning, Vienna, Austria, June, 22, 2007
Shooting of the program "Mectati ne vredno" on TV channel "NTV", May 2007
Austrian's visit in Moldova, preparing for "Linz Tour"
Happy New "Ethnomecanic" Year! Concert - presentation of the album "Ethnomecanica".
Concert & Recording in Hamburg, Germany, 19-23.10.2006
Concert in Vladimir, Russia, 24.12.06
Hora Cosmica Video, Making of, 14.10.2006
Michael Palin and Zdob si Zdub in Valeni, 04.09.2006
"Staryi Melnik" Fest, Chisinau, 29.07.2006
Club "Moscova", Chisinau, 20.07.2006
Roskilde Fest, Denmark, 29.06.2006
"Chinese pilot Jao-da" Club, Moscow, Russia, 27.01.2006
Zdob si Zdub - 10 years in rock'n'roll, Chisinau, 28 December 2005.
Tour Germany-Portugal, November 2005 (Portugal).
Tour Germany-Portugal, November 2005 (Germany).
Wine Holiday & VIP Presentation of the Boonika video. Chisinau. October 2005.
Golden Deer Festival, Brasov, Romania 22.09.2005
Making of video "Boonika Bate Doba".
A visit to Grandma-Boonika. Valeni village. Moldova. June 2005
Eurovision 2005
Photo session, Chisinau, March 2005.
Photo-session, December 2004.
Moscow, club B2, November 2004.
Sanct-Petersburg, club "Staryi Dom", November 2004.
Iasi, Romania, October 2004.
Photo session for VIVA magazine, Romania, August 2004.
Chisinau, October 3, 2004.
Sarmizegetusa - the capital of ancient Dacia. Romania. August 2004.
Hungary: Pula, Balaton lake, Budapest - Sziget Fest, Slovakia - hotel. August 2004.
Following the tracks of Dacia people tour. Moldova, August 2004.
Black Sea, Romania, July 2004.
Kiev. ART CLUB 44 -The 450 Sheep release. Concert at the DREAM LAND Fest. July 2004.
Germany, Rudolstadt, Tanz@Folk Fest, July 2004.
Germany, Second day Morning in Haar, 2 concerts at Rudolstadt Tanz@Folk Fest. July 2004.
Germany, First day: Arriving. Munich. Charity concert at the hospital. July 2004.
Photo session, Castel Film, Romania, March 2004.
MTV Romanian Music Awards 22.04.2004
Making of the video "DJ Vasile"
Club "Moscova", Chisinau. The release of "450 SHEEP". 12.02.2004.
The release of 450 sheep, Romania, Bucharest,18.12.2003
"450 sheep" release and promotion tour. Slovakia. December 2003.
"450 sheep" release and promotion tour. Part 2. Slovakia. December 2003.
Photo session. Slovakia. November 2003.
Nokia Total Board Fest, Киев, сентябрь 2003.
Slovakia. Banska Bistrica. November 2003.
Hodokvas Fest, Slovacia, August 2003.
Carpathian Mountain, Romania, July, 2003.
Krilya Fest, Moscow, 2003.
The release of the clip "Everybody in the casa mare" ZSZ feat. Garik Sukaciov at the club "16 Tons", Moscow, 2003.
Tuborg Festival, Bucharest, 2003.
Tour to Dnestr.
Frames from video Everybody in the casa mare, ZSZ&Garik Sukaciov
The Zdubs in the rehearsals room.
Interview with the MTV Romania, Club Twice, Bucharest, 2002.
Frames from the making of the video "Doina Haiducului".
The final concert of the Agroromantica tour, Club "Moscow", Chisinau. October, 2002.
Photos from the making of the video "Buna Dimineata", 2001.
Picnic at the Prut river.
Crimea 2002.
Plum brandy party on the French seaside.
Zdob si Zdub - summer stories.
Fete de la Musique, Bucharest. June 2002.
Opening of the MTV Romania, Bucharest, 15.06.2002.
Zdob si Zdub visiting the Iagalo fiddlers, Romania, Mirsa village. June 2002.
The "Zdob si Zdub" and "Touch and Go" tour in Ukraine. May, 2002.
Zdob si Zdub and the "Taraf de Haiduks'. Moscow, 2001.
Gypsy and the UFO. Zdob si Zdub and the aliens.
Gypsy and the UFO. Zdob si Zdub and the gypsies.
Gypsy and the UFO. Zdob si Zdub on the stage.
The concert in Club "2 Capitani", Simferopol.
Gypsy and the UFO. Roman
Photos from the making of the "Draga Otee" video.
Zdob si Zdub in Saratov (Russia).
Zdob si Zdub in Samara (Russia).
The Zdubs in Moscow and Sanct Petersburg, 2000.
Foto din clubul "Kitaickii liotcik" si de la ziua de nastere al lui Mihai. Moscova.
Photos from the photo-session for the "Afisa" magazine, Moscow.
Zdob si Zdub concerts in Moscow and Sanct-Petersburg.
Zdob si Zdub at MTV Romania party.
Zdob si Zdub at the release of the Nashestvie 2 compilation.
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