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    When we have learned about the shootings of the show ("Dostojanie Respublike") and that the invited composer is Garik Sukachev, we really cheered up!

    Because we have long been familiar,
    Because it's rock and roll!
    Two songs were suggested to us - "Bella Ciao" and "Give me to drink water" (“Napoi menja vodoj”) ...
    As Moldovan musicians participated in the recording of "Bella Ciao"
    and the song itself contains the chorus of Italian partisans (the music motive is in our spirit), we chose it!
    We invited Valeriu Cascaval (playing the instrument tambal) to perform with us. He participated in the recording of Garik’s album - "Young Lady and the Dragon" (“Baryshnja i drakon”)!
    The big tambal didn’t fit in the plane, so we had to take the small one.

    During the shootings there was a rock concert atmosphere!
    And what a company!

    - Ivan Okhlobystin, Mikhail Efremov, Dmitriy Haratyan, Sergei Mazaev, Groisman, Oleg Skripka, Pelageia, Billy's Band, Sergei Galanin, Nikita Vysotskiy ...
    Directors - Petr Todorovski, Alexander Mitta, and many others ...
    I really liked the song performed by Pelageia and Moroz!
    Soulfully, deeply and gently!
    Blunder of fate (“Proruha sud’ba”)…
    They were the first to play…
    The mood was awesome!
    A true party, lively and nostalgic!

    All this is rock and roll!

    9 february 2011 10:11
    С нетерпением жду 11го числа.Не упущу возможности послушать и посмотреть вас-свою
    любимую группу по зомбоящику)))
  • miriam
    11 february 2011 14:12
    hey, when will you visit slovak or czech music festival?:)
  • Макаров Андрей
    11 february 2011 22:01
    Bella ciao больше всего понравилась:-) и ночной полет. И остальные тоже)
  • valeriu tiuntiuc
    11 february 2011 23:38
    mia placut foarte mult
  • Cristi
    12 february 2011 00:50
    Mi-ar placea sa inteleg mai bine limba rusa!
  • ~~Маргаритка~~
    13 february 2011 14:23
    Выступили-потрясно,отлично поддержали общее настроение!И судя по реакции Игоря
    Ивановича -- были крайне близки душевно к этой самой *Бэлла,Чао*:))
  • Вовчик
    18 february 2011 03:40
    Молодцы ребята !!!! Всё по нарастающей ,и ритм и настроение )))))!Желаю вам удачи
    и успехов!!!!


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