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    In a glass of Crimean port wine I hear:
    The music of silence,
    The gentle rustle of the jellyfish,
    The cicadas crackle,
    The splash of the salty wave,
    The fresh morning breeze, and
    Your sweet voice,
    Your “Good morning!”

    Oh, I see:
    That Milky Way over the bridge,

    The reflection of the bizarre clouds,
    A splinter of a Greek amphora,
    The Golden dust of Chersonesos,
    Your bright face, so close!

    All the sunrises and sunsets of the Earth!
    Here, I feel:
    The aroma of the juniper groves,
    The sweet onions of Yalta,
    The bitterness of the wormwood,
    The smell of the trout chowder, mixed with the bonfire smoke,
    The bright sunlight,
    The taste of your kiss,
    and a whole universe of countless miracles!

    Do you know what I have?
    A magic vessel, where all the summer mysteries are sealed!
  • Reghina
    28 january 2011 23:12
    ...astonishing! You are a poet!! ( ..also nice you have Greece in your thoughts!
    28 january 2011 23:38
    Такое может написать только счастливый человек! Отличные стихи!
  • Laura
    11 june 2011 15:34
    This would be an epic song lyric :)


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