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    When making a video you must always choose a song that’s catchy and organic, that leaves a momentary imprint into your mind. That is why we decided to pick the track "Moldovenii s-au nascut”. A song based on the Italian Tarantella with truly positive, joyful lyrics. In the video we wanted to present the beauty of our country through the eyes of a foreigner who came to visit a simple Moldavian family.

    We would like to mention that neither the song nor the video doesn't have any political context, therefore no reference to any political party; it’s the result of a couple of sunrises on the hills, a few nights in the Codri, with the contribution of the tasty, home-made brânza and the village road at the dawn.

    The general idea of the video is to present a tribe that loves to sing, dance, work hard and never give up.

    Boonika and boonelul with Gipson guitar and drums on the background of an old village house.

    That's a pretty cool contrast!

    Boonika and boonelul playing and singing joyfully.

    Once upon a time, on the edge of the world,

    where was the will of God,

    in the sunniest day,

    the Southern tribes were born,

    among the forests and the hills,

    between the Nistru and Prut Rivers,

    in a good and shiny day

    the Moldavians were born; boonika, boonelul and their children, nephews, the Bejenaru family, they are this hard working "tribe" with a great love for live.

    The dance collective
    Young and talented under the guidance of Tudorica Bejenaru.

    Frame from the intro, everyone shouts "Hai!”

    Children are dressed in traditional Moldavian clothes, typical for the South of Moldova.

    There is no life without hora.

    At the beginning was the drum and the dance!

    They are not professional dance artists, but who cares when you see this fire in the eyes, this charming smile…

    Somewhere in the suburb, at the edge of the road, among the hills, near the Danube River there is a small house full of life and music, full of sun and dance...


    the director in the full process of creating; of course, in the proper outfit

    The first symptoms of Tarantism

    almost Apollo...

    My reaction to the final cut...

    Finally, we did it! Very soon we will present the result of this adventure. Stay tuned!



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