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    On arrival we couldn’t manage to visit Copenhagen since we were very hungry and had to search for a fast food.

    We ate some Indian food which was really disgusting but we didn’t have time to search for something else. God, please save and protect!

    Long time ago Hans Christian Andersen used to walk on these streets with his dolls. He came to Copenhagen to become famous in the whole world.

    Here he was freezing and starving, talking to the street lamps and different objects.

    In fact as we all do…

    So, what was waiting for us?

    The ferry across the sea - 50 Euros (great!)

    A trip over the bridge - 50 Euros

    Departure from Denmark 107 Euros (almost like the road from Chișinău to Orhei)

    Please give me some drops, give some drops... Danish King drops?*

    And why did I mention these drops? Nevermind...

    The wind is blowing in my face, stones on the fields, the sea, the bridge depicted on the banknotes, the sun on the fields, windmills, swans on the salty waves...

    Lars von Trier didn’t come to the concert...

    The tickets – Sold Out!

    Last time there were about 15 people, today – full!

    I welcome everyone in Danish.

    So hot I cannot even breathe, the level of noise is limited by law, a guitar string breaks, some problems with the bass guitar, in watch language should we speak?!

    In the language of music!

    Let’s start it!

    An Australian made it through to the Backstage; we helped him to pass

    He was shouting: We need your music in Australia!

    The concert was great!

    Encore! Encore!

    I’m sitting alone in the dressing room…

    Hotel, sausage, Tuborg, sleep….

    *the lyrics of a song/poem written and performed by Bulat Okudzhava



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