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    3:00 am, departure from Chisinau: 
    Dogs barking in the night, the bright moon, we are loading our equipment in the dark...
    Then shaking on the roads.
    Because of the air-conditioner, I need to muffle, otherwise I might get sick... to switch off the conditioner? – it is stifling.
    Two Germans are with us: one married to a Romanian woman, and the second photographed the Pope himself.

    For the unnumered time, the customs.
    A collective "relieving" in the field. The sun had already risen!
    Again shaking. Breakfast in the dense Transylvania: burnt scrambled eggs, chopped tomatoes and coffee...
    Some 500 km of road are left behind and we are finally at your destination!
    Sound check. Outside there is real HEAT... +36 C.
    Next, according to the plan, check in at the old hotel, and immediately, without changing the clothes, going to lunch.
    On the menu - soup. But eating too much and especially overeating is not allowed!
    It’s hot outside, we have to perform, jump... After lunch, let the show begin.

    We come up on stage and the following one hour and a quarter – a HURRICANE!
    It’s hot, the audience goes crazy... keeping fit!
    After us it’s Guano Apes performing.
    The show is over. A short nap in the retro-hotel and at 1 am – departure to the airport: one hundred and twenty km on a country road.

    Check in.
    There is no direct flight to Moscow, so we fly via Munich.
    From there, like saiga antelopes, to Moscow.
    And another two hours in the air, the landing was successful, but... the luggage is lost!!!
    We want to eat, sleep... in the evening another concert.
    Laying down on the floor.
    And tomorrow... again on the road!!!

    Bob Dylan and Keith Richards do not write great songs anymore,
    But they’re writing memoirs about the times when they were writing great songs.
    And today, their tough girl friends and balding friends will visit them again
    And over a cup of tea they will remember those times
    When they were shaking on the roads, organizing "Saint Vitus" dances, ripping each other's clothes off...
    And were flying into the hell of naivety and were not understanding the reality.
    Rock’n’roll – it is a jump into the abyss!

  • Zdob si Zdub UK Fans
    26 august 2011 22:13
    So poetic! Such a crazy life on the road. It will inspire more great songs and
    make amazing memoirs.
    We hope that one day, the UK will jump and smile and rock to the sound of Zdob
    si Zdub. <:)
    Look after yourselves guys! xx
  • Laura Cathy Zita
    27 august 2011 20:29
    +36 degrees?! If I was there I'd melt.


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