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    "Touring, touring, calluses on the heels!" - as they say in Georgia ...
    After Eurovision we had a little shake-up - about 8 gigs.
    Then we won the right to a short vacation!
    The dilemma of “Where to go? Where to jerk?” appeared immediately. And again on the road...

    Mom! Who would take care of me?
    In general, the touring artists need entourage.
    And I sincerely feel sorry for them all: dangle around the world, here and there.
    Okay, that was a lyrical digression ...

    What about heading to Crimea? To my friends...
    First, we need to prepare the car before the trip...
    In the course of the events, I swallow calcium, magnesium, potassium etc.
    After the crazy pace of the last months, the body already needs support.
    Rock is the music of young! Live fast - die young!
    But we do not want to die! We just need a vacation, to gain strength...
    OK, start preparing!

    First of all, it should be done: go to the car wash, fill the air conditioning, study the map of Crimea, make up a route of detouring Transnistria.
    Do not forget to take: bags, money, underwear, flip-flops, sunglasses, a flying kite for children, sunscreen, fins, mask, sun umbrella, spare wheel, jack, air compressor...
    A true chaos of things! Two children, green card...
    On the eve of the departure an unscheduled concert took place, thus I ended up gathering the vacation things during the night, in the dark.
    The result: The car jammed to capacity. Half of the house is with us...
    Oh, maybe we shouldn’t go on a vacation? But it's too late to change something!
    I fall asleep already at dawn, with the camera in my hands.
    An hour later – wake up. Breakfast, getting dressed, cap, apartment under security, taking out the garbage...
    And we start to break through the cordon on bombed roads!
    As correctly Misha Zhvanetskiy said: "Here we have to ride on tanks!"

    Don’t want this holiday anymore...
    So few road signs, but I do not believe my eyes - a new road is being built!
    Customs took 15 minutes. I do not believe my ears ... the "So Lucky" CD is on the table at the customs.
    Palanca and Nistru are behind...
    Ahead is a ten-day trip around Crimea.

    Clouds in the sky, a storm is brewing. I take a picture and make a turn towards Odessa...
    The busiest of the road Odessa - Nikolaev - Tsuryupinsk - Kherson.
    Again, I do not believe my eyes - no trucks on the road!
    In turn, there is “DAI”, the local traffic cops, at every kilometer in the bushes...
    We drove to Troitsa on a free road.
    And in less than 10 hours we reached Simferopol - the capital of the autonomous Crimea.
    For me, Crimea is wonderful nature and a museum of military history!
    Well, you can also say that it is a museum of the USSR: old abandoned factories, concrete structures, barbed wire, Soviet roads, pensions, abandoned farms... Everything reminds of the past.

    I think that for many these views are exotic. But I would like to see the nature without the man!
    “Fortunately”, there is enough concrete also in Moldova, once a flourishing country.
    After Simferopol we headed to the ​​Evpatoria region and unloaded half of our house, from the car in the “Prometheus plus”pension.
    Fortunately, our friends helped and greeted us well!
    For me, a vacation in Crimea is either into the wild with good gear, or at friends’ place... After all, they are the local Aborigines and they know what is possible and what is not.
    But going to the city beach and all day listening to the shouting of the local hucksters "Honey Baklava, brine, mussels, shrimps..." – spare me!
    Generally, in Crimea one should not take children, but should have a car!
    I do not like to sunbathe and, floundering on the beach in the society of retired women wearing pre-war bathing suits, I decided to go in search of wild places...

    To be continued...
  • Anna
    1 july 2011 14:20
    хорошего отдыха!!! <3
  • Emma
    2 july 2011 01:47
    Roman, love your style...hope your vacation is refreshing...
  • fulger
    2 july 2011 19:12
    За буйки не заплывать! Sorry за замороженную Резинскую публику.
  • Карин
    4 july 2011 10:17
    Ждём продолжения:)
  • Vladimir-CZ
    7 july 2011 16:26
    Hi, why did you have to avoid Transnistria ? Is that because you can't go there,
    it is dangerous to go there or you did not want to ?
  • zsz
    8 july 2011 11:59
    Vladimir-CZ, because there are additional customs, thus people try to avoid, if
    possible, this additional control, loss of time etc.


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