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    The last three rehearsals and the semi-final!
    Here in Düsseldorf all got mixed up in the minds of the 2011 Eurovision participants…
    Costumes, stage movements, parties, interviews, and dreams about victory, makeup, German beer, emotions...

    The tension reached its climax...
    After the first semi-final, when the powerful song of Albania did not make it to the finals and the much-loved Baba Haba suddenly burst into tears when finding out the results, everybody became nervous...
    Take care of your nerves Kitty!

    Eurovision is an unpredictable competition, and no one knows what is going on behind the scenes...
    I would raise a monument for all the participants – a praise for their ferroconcrete nerves and for the fact that they go on stage being repeatedly worn out, but no one notices it on the TV screen!
    I feel sorry for them...
    Why do they need it? Wouldn’t it be better to go to the mountains for a couple of weeks?

    Before they go on stage, they have a whole day of continuous training, with a lot of make-up and interview headache, several times on stage, the turbidity of the brain!
    Additionally, they are constantly hunted by hiding journalists!

    Yesterday, for example, after five days of rehearsals, at a very important rehearsal, “they” forgot to include the pyrotechnics for Slovakia, but for us the ear monitor switched off!
    But from the professionalism point of view, namely the repeated rehearsals are necessary, because there the nuances are revealed!
    It's toil,
    Show Must Go On!
    -------------------------------------------------- -----
    Generally, everyone is waiting for the show, including us,
    today the Eurovision hear beats in Dusseldorf!
    Good luck to all!

    Anyway we are the most original,

    Moldova /
    zdob si zdub / lucky
    number 7!
  • Руслан Москва
    18 may 2011 18:21
    Я просто офигел, песня, исполнение супер.Скачал в телефон и слушаю уже неделю!
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