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    Why would anybody buy CDs in times when, as all of us know, there are so many other ways of listening to the music?
    Let us give you some reasons… as concerns “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” album:
    - It is a limited edition... only 3000 copies were produced.
    - Roman: I want to buy it, too, for my friends! Where can I buy it?
    Don’t buy it; more will be left for us! :)
    It increases the level of endorphins.
    Creates good mood. 
    It is a soundtrack for wild morning exercises. 
    It is good for your health!!!
    We don't recommend listening to it without drinking wine!
    - Mihai: Winter holidays are almost here, could be a great present for your dear ones.
    But generally it is useful to always have a present in your bag, just in case…
    Surely most of the reasons apply for all of our albums!
    The “Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino” album can be purchased mainly in Russia (Sorry, dear friends from all other the world…) in the following stores: Soyuz, Respublika, Videoland, Chistyi Soft, Ashan, MediaMarket, Shop Track, Meloman; and online (direct links to the album): 
    In Chisinau it is available in the music store located in Sun City commercial centre. 
    And also we will do our best to have CDs and merchandise during out gigs.

  • Reout Sagui
    2 december 2010 17:43
    How can your biggest fan in Israel (me) listen to the CD ???
    Do thse online stores ship to Israel?
    Or: can you put just a few CD's up for sell in an international website like
    Amazon/Ebay/etc. so I can buy it there?

    Thanks!! <3
  • Ли3хен
    2 december 2010 18:59
    Я через Озон покупала. Жаль, едет долго.
    Диск иметь удобнее. Там информация есть, и вряд ли что-то сотрётся в следствие
    сгорания компа :)
  • Arina
    2 december 2010 19:14
    Reout, you can listen to it for sure in the Albums page of this website (see the
    top menu), but I'm afraid those online stores don't ship outside Russia. We, the
    band and its management, can't really do much about this, since the records
    company is in charge of the distribution, sorry. We will ask again about Amazon
    and others, but most probably it is not possible :( maybe some friends from
    Russia or Moldova would be willing to make a present for you? ;)

    Ли3хен, kruto! a skoliko vremeni ediot?
  • Ли3хен
    2 december 2010 19:29
    Арина, я живу в Санкт-Петербурге. Из Москвы ехал 2 недели. =)
  • Arina
    2 december 2010 19:40
    mda, dolgovato... mozhet byt' chto eshio sistema prodazhy online eshio ne tak
    razvita v nashih stranah :|
  • Ли3хен
    2 december 2010 20:17
    Возможно. Но я просто не люблю ходить по магазинам и спрашивать... Мне легче
    подождать недельки 2 )))
  • NIKO
    3 december 2010 05:04
    I'm living in Japan,and I got the album from Soyuz (online) :)
    I don't understand russian, so at first I had no idea how to order the album,
    Then I wrote email to Soyuz and ask them to help me.
    They send me a very kind instruction how to order,
    and finally I got it without any problem ;))

    Thanks Zdubii, it's really interesting album and I'm very happy to
    have it always.

    Multi prietenii mei japonezi deja au ascultat album si,
    tare le a placut muzica voastra !!
    Abia asteptam sa veniti sa faceti concert si in Japonia....
  • Alexandra
    4 december 2010 09:02
    vreau si eu noul alboom :))) cu autografe si La multi ani
  • razvan
    10 december 2010 00:27
    Come on guys, isn't there any place in Romania where I might find the album?
  • Yulian hoinaRU
    11 december 2010 23:23
    ZSZ - это тяжеловес, который с легкостью, присущей только ему, может дать фору
    любому легковесу в легкости... Легко и глубоко... Только почему нет
    экспириментов с джазом??? Trigon, думаю, не откажется! Arina-Soare, Salut
    pamantesc! :)
  • Arina
    15 december 2010 18:23
    Hoinaaaarule, salut! :)
  • Dan
    10 january 2011 18:19
    Baieti, nu ma intereseaza ca e in rusa, vreau sa cumpar albumul, chiar nu va
    aparea si in Romania? salutari.
  • Женя
    3 february 2011 17:00
    Хотел приобрести диск (с автографами) через интернет-магазин Союз, но там
    написано следующее "Продажа начнется в ближайшие дни." Получил сегодня
    е-мейл..."Уважаемый покупатель! Сообщаем, что запрошенный Вами товар Zdob Si
    Zdub Белое Вино/Красное Вино теперь доступен для заказа через наш
    интернет-магазин", но купить диск я все еще не могу :(
    Я понимаю, что Вы мне скорее всего ничем помочь не можете и все диски уже давно
    распроданы, но может подскажете, как и где еще можно достать диск?

    P.S.Хотелось бы Вас увидеть в Берлине!


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