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    Our song “Stop, Mafia!” that features Serghey Mihalok and was produced by Marc Elsner was released on the “Revolution DISCO” compilation.

    Some extracts from the booklet:

    15 evergreen from the 21-century-revolutionary-songbook: from Warsaw to Rome, to Moscow to San Francisco – that’s the sound of Revolution Disco! Passionate, political, energetic, radical and grabbing the groove wherever it grows. Selected by Yuriy Gurzhy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the legendary RussenDisko.

    “Jos Mafia” (Stop Mafia) is a previously unreleased exclusive track from Moldavian band Zdob si Zdub. The band’s singer Roman Iagupov is backed by his fellow Sergey Mihalok from Lyapis Trubetskoy. This collaboration sounds like Red Hot Chili Peppers, completely drunk, jamming with a Balkan brass band at a wild wedding… while yielding “Money, money, money! Fucking money makes a slave out of you!”

    […]The rules stays the same: the longer people are being dominated, the more revolutionary their music will sound. Music nowadays has lost its revolutionary potential due to growing commercialization. We are eager to help out with out Revolution Disco!

    Proud to be on this compilation and best wishes to RussenDisko.

    Here is the track list:

    1. Bandista: Haydi Barikata
    2. Les Motivés: Paso del Ebro
    3. Vavamuffin: Prawda Policyjna
    4. Babylon Circus: Dances Of Resistance
    5. Zdob si Zdub feat. Serghei Mihalok: Stop Mafia
    6. Ottavo Padiglione: The Guns of Brixton
    7. Banda Bassotti: Arbeitsloser Marsch
    8. Modena City Ramblers: Bella Ciao
    9. Yiddish Twist Orchestra: Di Intzenationale
    10. Che Sudaka: Mentira Politika
    11. Mala Vita: Ritmo Di Protesta
    12. Poymanie Muravyedi: Viva La Revolucion
    13. Attwenger: Kaklakariada
    14. Lyapis Trubeckoy: Kapital
    15. Rotfront: Revolution Disco 2010

    More info in German and to buy the album here (TrikonT)



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