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    Zdob și Zdub has recorded the soundtrack for the movie "Mama Illegal”. This week the movie participates in the contest of the 24thInternational Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. The Austrian movie director Ed Moschitz came to Moldova and participated in the recording process, which took place in the Chisinau studio. Besides the recorded material Ed Moschitz chose some fragments of the songs from the new album "Basta Mafia!”, which will be released on 27 January by Asphalt Tango Records.

    "Mama Illegal” is a documentary movie, which recounts the destiny of three women from Moldova who work as cleaners in Austria and Italy. On one side it is presented the drama of these women who work illegally with the constant fear of being deported and on the other side the drama of those who stayed at home in Moldova, trying to survive in poverty, away from their beloved ones.


    23 November 2011 in Tuschinski 1, at 5pm

    24 November 2011 in Munt 10, at 9:45pm

    25 November 2011 in Munt 09, at 5:15pm

    26 November 2011 in Brakke Ground Rode Zaal, at 9:15pm


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