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    October 5 - 6 in Spanish Barсelona shooting of the video for the song "Running" from the new Zdob si Zdub album "Basta Mafia!" took place. The shooting took place as in the halls of "CLUB Film" studio, so in the nature - in the mountains of Catalonia, in the forest, in the field, on the farm and of course there will be urban scenes, highways. Under the strict guidance of italian video directors Jari and Franky Imbesi brothers, Roman Yagupov in the role of a runner had covered a lot of kilometers on pavemnt and broken ground. The video is based on the contrasts, the memories of the runner change each other and are aimed not to shock, but to attract the attention and to keep it till the last frame. In bit parts appear Vyacheslav Starush, Valerii Mazilu and even Igor Dinga in two roles. The "Running" single and the video have to appear in the broadcast of radiostations and TV channels already in the beginning of November, and the album comes out on January 27, 2012 on a German label "Asphalt Tango". Zdob si Zdub tour in the support of the new album will start at the end of February and will cover Western and Eastern Europe.



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