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    The preparations for the release of the new album are progressing rapidly.

    The CEO of the German Record Company "Asphalt Tango", Helmut Neumann, and the Berlinese photographer Christoph Voy visited us this week in Chisinau.
    We are pleased to inform you that the band signed to "Asphalt Tango Records" for the release of the new album, recorded in Berlin with the German producer Marc Elsner in 2010-2011. The album's working title is "Fresh. Sexy. Spicy. Organic" and it includes 13 tracks, 11 of which are in English and two in Romanian. The release of the album is scheduled for January 27, 2012, and the supporting tour – for February and March 2012.
    In anticipation of the album, the single "Running" and a video for it will be released in the autumn of this year.

    These days we also had a photo session, the outcomes of which will be used for the new album artwork. The shootings took place in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, we had a good time: joking, laughing, cooking mamaliga and discovering the roofs of Chisinau. You will be able to see the result of our cooperation very soon; meanwhile take a look at some "making of" pictures.
  • Ксюша
    26 august 2011 23:18
    ребята, была сегодня на вашем концерте, впервые). Каждый из вас по-своему
    харизматичен, уверена, что все вы интересные личности и за пределами концетных
    залов, клубов...Отдельной строкой- впечатлил гитарист Святик)) Творческих и
    просто жизненных вам успехов!!! хорошие вы))
  • Сергей
    27 august 2011 10:13
    Давно мечтал попасть на ваш концерт (хотя в москве 7 лет), но не мог уследить за
    афишами - узнавал о концертах постфактум. Слушаю и люблю всю музыку, но если
    спросят по поводу фанатства, то можно сказать, что я фанат :))) здобов :))).
    Наконец, вчера этот день настал!!! Правда клуб маловат, но мы были почти рядом
    со сценой.
    Еще хотел сказать, что Вас очень любят в Киргизии, а на землячестве в Москве
    лучше всего отожгли под ваши песни... Еще вас хорошо исполняют в Бишкеке -
    группа "Хали-Гали и Ра" на рок тусовках :))) Я думаю, наши страны очень похожи -
    теплое солнышко и ностальгия по СССР - и только здесь по душе такая от души
    веселая и непопсовая музыка. Спасибо Вам!
  • Adrian
    27 august 2011 19:13
    Ребята Мне посчастливилось побывать на вашем концерте в городе
    Первоуральск,Свердловской области,у меня как раз в тот момент была командировка
    в Екатеринбург,вы не представляете как мы там отжигали на дне белого
    металлурга,я весь наш коллектив туда с собой потащил,так меня потом все
    благодарили за то что узнали такую группу.а потом после ЗДУБОВ выступала ани
    лорак,так это полная х...я!!!А ЗДУБЫ СУПЕР!!!Приезжайте к нам в Пермь!!!
  • Fan
    27 august 2011 23:52
    Sunteti The BEST of The BEST of The BEST !!! Bravo Zdubilor!
  • Evita78
    28 august 2011 10:10
    Hi Zdob Si Zdub,

    I have seen you last night at the concert of the 20th Anniversary and I want to
    congratulate you! I am happy for Moldova to have such a band as main act for the
    festivities of the anniversary!!!

    And on top of it it was a great gig and I enjoyed it a lot!!!

    One little questions --> why was AC/DC played immediately after the gig? I would
    rather have heard you introducing the band & the applause instead of "Highway to
    hell" (what a anthem to close the party :-))))

    Everything else --> thumbs up!!!

    Keep on rocking, hardcore moldovenesc
  • Zdob si Zdub UK Fans
    28 august 2011 22:28
    Zdubii!! This is fantastic news! We cannot wait for the new album, soooooooo
    excited, the next 5 months will be unbearable... Looking forward to hearing and
    seeing the new single 'Running' soon. If only your tour could include some dates
    in the UK... <:)
  • Antaine Ó Cáthain
    29 august 2011 07:47
    Este extraordinar, multumesc foarte mult pentru album nou, si toate de alubumi
    foarte bine!
    If I help to find a club here, would you mind including Dublin on your list of
    cities for the album tour? I will pass on all contact details needed to the club
    also, if you so wish?
  • Matthew
    29 august 2011 10:23
    I can't wait for the new album, but for me it's a little disappointing, that
    there are so many english tracks. I can't understand romanian or russian
    language, but for me it was much better to listen those, and translate the
    lyrics later or read in youtube comments what's the song about it.
    I will love this album, but it will just strange.

    And almost forget: can't wait the concert in Vienna, and also please come to
    Hungary :)
  • cristina
    29 august 2011 11:00
    asteptam cu nerabdare......
  • Laura Cathy Zita
    29 august 2011 22:40
    Gotta love the mamaliga! :)
  • norka
    31 august 2011 00:10
    yeah, that's what i wanted to say: come to hungary!

    anyway, nice pictures. and i'm looking forward to the new album too.

  • Reve Kun
    1 september 2011 04:10
    Greetings from México!!!
  • Oleg Plugaru
    5 september 2011 10:05
    Cu ma-a-a-are nerabdare asteptam albumul nou !!!
    Salutari din Iasi.
  • Denios
    5 september 2011 19:47
    Hey Zdubis,
    I'm freaking out waiting for this album, but I have one question... Will "Cosmic
    Song feat. Yasnyj Den’" be on your new album? Because on Beloe Vino/Krasnoe Vino
    you wrote that the song was recorded for the new album and I really hope you
    won't have this song on the album... Don't misunderstand me, I LOVE the Cosmic
    Song, it's one of my favorite songs all time, but on the "Western European"
    version of Ethnomecanica (the one without Paint it Black and Sus la Paru dintre
    Vii), there was a legendary cool version of the Cosmic Song. I don't think
    Yasnyi Den fits to this song, and the version already is on Beloe Vino/Krasnoe

    So Lucky, Basta Mafia and a song you performed live (I believe it's called Trece
    Vremea) are really good so I'm highly anticipating the album, with Cosmic Song
    on it or not ;)

  • Vadim
    5 september 2011 22:16
    Iubesc foarte mult ceea ce faceti, si va urezi ca asta sa fie doar inceputul!
  • Ivan
    6 september 2011 21:45
    Looking forward to hearing your new songs, but why so many English language
    songs? I love listening to you singing in Romanian and Russian, to my ears it's
    beautiful, exotic and powerful.


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