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    It is already one year that we work on a new album (and here we don't talk about "Beloe Vino / Krasnoe Vino")… this, not taking into account the previous years of creative search. Our producer for this album is Marc Elsner from Germany. The most of the material was recorded in Berlin, Headroom Studio. Some recording sessions took place in Chisinau, different studios, including ours – “Cuibul” studio.

    Recently, from the 4th to 6th of November, Marc came to Chisinau for the almost final recording session. Below are some photos taken during this session.

    Tomorrow Mihai and Roman will fly to Berlin. At this moment we don’t have exact information regarding the name of the album, the release date… but for sure it is something totally different, including for us. This makes it more exciting. We hope that we’ll have the album this spring and we are looking forward to presenting it to you.

  • Stefan (Stuttgart)
    8 november 2010 20:17
    Salut baieti,

    va doresc bafta multa pentru noul album! Drum bun la Berlin! Ne vedem in curind,
    numai bine si bolshoi privet din Bucuresti, Stefan
  • Митя
    8 november 2010 20:24
    оЧЧень ждём!


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