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    Listen to the new version of the song "So lucky". Namely this version was taken to the Eurovision Head of Delegation meeting that was held this Monday and Tuesday in Dusseldorf. During this meeting, among many other activities, Heads of Delegation, which are representatives of the national broadcasting organisations, exchange audio and video material of the participating artists.
  • Mr. Guy-Man
    25 april 2011 23:51
    Aaaah can't wait for your album! Cool Song! Good luck in Eurovision!
  • Овечка Миорица
    27 april 2011 12:49
    Прекрасно! Это замечательно, что Вы прислушиваетесь к мнению слушателей и песня
    Украина с Вами!!!

    о щас опять коды надо писать....
  • Ry
    28 april 2011 13:31
    The most impressive performance I have seen within Eurovision song festival, I am
    glad you participate. And the singer is..., well, I better not say, it makes me
  • Alex
    1 may 2011 17:40
    E ok piesa, dar se putea si mai bine..Tare mi-ar placea sa aud piesa Marusia,
    varianta Zdob si Zdub, pun pariu ca ar iesi ceva foarte misto..Bafta in
  • costel..
    9 may 2011 19:47
    suuper mie imi place .... ii ceva nou ka intodeauna zdubii au shtiut cum sa ne
    uimeasca..... mult succes si ju treb de uitat la cei care sunt
    importiva..........acestea nu intseleg cei asta muzica,..... dance si haus mai
    ascultati muzika adevarata.......BRAVO
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