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    A couple of lines about the song ...
    The lyrics were written in Chisinau, Berlin, and New York
    We started to compose in Chisinau - Mihai and I, Marc - the producer of our Berlin album,
    continued, and Andy finished in the slums of New York!

    The song was composed in the best traditions of rock-n-roll
    on the road, in a few minutes, and then elaborated with all the band members
    Now this might sound funny, but the song started with a motif
    inspired by Sofia Rotaru
    But it evolved in time...
    Now the expression "So Lucky"
    has become a form of greeting for us
    So Lucky!


    Ray ban glasses,
    I move with ease
    In my convertible  breeze.
    whiskey on the rocks
    life on the top
    my party never stops!
    A dusk to dawn sinner
    Love traded in for lust
    It’s emotions I don’t trust
    On top
    The cream of the crop
    You know I love to rock
    The fun will never stop
    You see
    It’s all about me
    The servants and the king
    I’m the ruler of the world
    A tug
    She pulls me like a drug
    I want her on the rug
    But she’s not that kind of girl
    I see you where the lights glow
    You pull me in your private side show
    And now I see your moves in slowmo
    I try to kiss you, but you slip away
    Yet you never walk away from me
    Are you a shadow of what might be?
    Why should one woman stand above the rest?
    There is a mystery to you deep beneath the flesh! 
    Those eyes pulling me in.
    A body made to sin.
    But I can not win.

    I’m ready at the gate.
    Don’t tell me it’s too late.
    Her fire starts to melt my heart.
    She’s clean.
    Not part of any scene.
    She’s more like a dream
    I don't want to wake up from!
    I see,
    She’s somehow changing me.
    She’s where I want to be.
    Can’t stand a moment without her
    I see you where the lights glow
    You pull me in your private side show
    And now I see your moves in slowmo
    I try to kiss you, but you slip away
    Yet you never walk away from me
    Are you a shadow of what might be?
    Why should one woman stand above the rest?
    There is a mystery to you deep beneath the flesh!


  • ~~Маргаритка~~
    13 february 2011 14:43
    **В замедленной съемке движенья твои
    Ускользать от моих поцелуев – талант**
    Интересный текст,да и девушка ничё так))
  • Vesala
    14 february 2011 20:47
    Hi from Finland!
    Here?s my blogstory! I wrote there: I hope that Moldova will send ZsZ and So
    lucky to Dusseldorf. 12 points from Finland! By the way, please come to
    Best wishes Vesala
  • Tory
    27 february 2011 03:50
    Super tare Zdubilor !!! Super piesa, suntem cu adevarat norocosi 'so lucky' ca ne
    veti reprezenta tara la Eurovision ! Good luck !
  • Dorry
    27 february 2011 22:21
    Hallo, ich bin begeistert. Dieses Lied ist so nice, w?nsche euch viel Erfolg im
    Good luck! You are the best from Moldova!!!
  • Elena
    28 february 2011 17:42
    Love the tune...but the words are cheap and no means representative of
    a country or a nation like Moldova
  • ascult?tor
    28 february 2011 20:28
    C?ntec despre nimic!!! Prostesc!!! Mi-e ru?ine ca un a?a c?ntec s? reprezinte
    Moldova. C?t ?nc? nu e t?rziu, Zdupilor, retr?ge?i-v? melodia ?i face?i loc
    celui care merit? cu adev?rat! Ori pune-?i un text bun , cu un mesaj frumos!!!
    A?a nu ve?i c??tiga nimic acolo!!!!
  • pentru ascultator
    1 march 2011 11:20
    fuck off!!!! piesa e tare si suntem cu adevarat norocosi........
  • ROO
    1 march 2011 15:59
    So Lucky! Yapiiiiii!
    I'm happy cuz I'm lucky and fuck off all the rest!
  • never stop to rock!!!
    2 march 2011 00:07
    haters gonna hate!! this songs will rock germany like never before!!!! Go ZsZ

    cui nu-i place sau ii rusine sau ii cheap si dirty...karizma s.a. sint la
    dispozitia d-tra...
  • Benjam?n Est?vez
    2 march 2011 17:32
    Great Song! My favorite of Eurovision 2011
    Grettings from Mexico City :D
  • go zdubii!!!
    5 march 2011 14:35
    La Eurovision versurile nu conteaza! Ritmul si show-ul. Asa ca calmati-va.
  • Lenka.Maga
    10 march 2011 17:43
    Wonderful song. I feel rock soul. You should win Eurovision Song Contest because
    it`s the best song:) I`m going to vote May:) 12 points go from Poland:)
  • lom
    10 march 2011 20:39
    Zdubilor nu va suparati, dar cu acesta piesa nu o sa luati nici un lok de frunte!
    Sunteti Baeti puternici si a trebuit de esit cu alta piesa mai bun, cum o
    faceati si pina acuma!!!
  • go moldova!!
    22 march 2011 19:20
    super piesa!!
  • Gkce
    13 april 2011 15:53
    Whooaa! this song rocks!!! this will shake germany and hit to the contest like a
    bomb xD when i listen this, my energy reaches to the top and i deeply feel the
    crazy rock soul!!! fuck off you haters, zdubii will rock!!! my votes are for
    moldova<333 and by the way please come to turkey! i'll start begging for it xD

    greetz and best wishes from turkey;)
  • Cologne
    4 may 2011 19:37
    I L.O.V.E. your song! I hope you'll make it to the finals!
  • AtskySotona
    12 may 2011 12:43
    Good luck on Eurovision! I know you can make it! <3
  • Evanesca
    12 may 2011 21:34
    I'm watching you performing this right this very moment and I like it :D
  • Maria
    13 may 2011 14:27
    I wish you to be SO LUCKY !!!!! Sunteti cei mai tari!!!!
  • SoLuCkY777
    14 may 2011 23:19
    Come on Moldova.
    From your biggest fan in the UK.
  • Abnegation
    15 may 2011 00:34
    The unicicle was epic! You guys are the best, nvm what the other losers say.
    Chishinau! Cel Mare! So Lucky!
  • Arno
    15 may 2011 00:58
    For me the best Song!
  • CHiicka
    15 may 2011 11:16
    Its An Amazing Song Really I Love It

    From Holland (A)
  • Жан
    15 may 2011 11:20
    Молодцы мужики! Уважуха вам всем! :)
    Земляки вы мои...
  • Russian in Australia
    15 may 2011 15:01
    What an awesome song, thank you Eurovision for reminding me of ZsZ !! Now I've
    got a lot of catching up to do as I haven't heard about you for a while. So
    Lucky was easily the best song but ..

    Hey, ZsZ reminded me of The Cat Empire ( ), they even
    have The Wine Song.
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