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    Finita la comedia!
    General hysteria! Premonition of the End! Going home soon...
    Mama, take me away!
    With the shield - or on it?
    Finally, all these will be over today.

    The "Big Five" showed up fresh and full of energy... no semi-finals for them.
    On our left - the dressing room of "Blue" that howl their "I Caaan..."
    On the right - the tortured Lena from Germany with a security guard from Yakuza...

    And we are in the middle! What a great company!

    In the morning – rehearsal, and in the evening – the Final is already here! Yesterday there were two more rehearsals...

    The Irish are walking down the corridor - two out of the casket, the twins from the "diabolical" box,
    The Frenchman smokes nervously on the balcony,
    Alyosha Sparrow grasps the girls by the knee...
    Four expanders are brought to the "Blue" dressing room. Probably they will pump up their chest and biceps...
    In the corridor - dancers in elastic costumes creep on the floor,
    Mika Newton from Ukraine sleeps in the "embryo" position on a sofa from the backstage,
    The Dane runs around with a guitar... and smiles.

    The lift is off, for security purposes, and the dressing rooms are on the 5th floor. All are training their legs several times a day…
    Volunteers shout to us: “Make-up in 10 minutes”
    “In-ear monitors in 15 minutes"
    Around us – an atmosphere of a traveling circus!
    I cannot concentrate. My head is spinning around...
    Noise, shouting, chaos!
    Everyone is taking pictures...
    But being calm,
    complete peace of mind -
    This is the most important thing now!

    15 minutes left until going on stage.
    We are already downstairs, the in-ear monitors are on, the palms are getting wet, some people... artists move around, everybody’s looking at the screen.
    The pumped up and shiny British, looking just like from a cover of a magazine, go to the stage...
    We are the following.

    It is very cold.
    The stadium roars.
    Switzerland performs. Lena comes to the waiting room.
    The palms are too wet already, and the throat gets dry...

    "Blue" with the back-vocalists sing on stage: "I can, I will, I know... I can... "
    We smile and our kushmas cling to everything!
    Finally, we are at the stage.
    There will be no more rehearsals, so we need to rock it big time!

    I read what I’ve written on a piece of paper:
    - Breathe, do not rush, groove, facial expressions
    - Move easily, do not forget about the trumpet. Be elegant with Tanya, 2 and a half circles, before "I see" - a deep breath, and wave the kushmas to the beat.
    - Get the monocle in advance...
    Camera in our face - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we shout - "So Lucky"!!!

    On the stage – the technical staff is taking away the LED-screens of the British, the countdown starts and the seconds before our performance are melting on the floor…
    Everyone nervously stands on his place.
    ZERO seconds, I clearly feel my fast heartbeat, "So Lucky", slow breath...
    Let’s GO!

    Ray Ban glasses...

  • Jesamine Adele Hollingsworth
    20 may 2011 23:39
    Awwww your little note you wrote before the performance - sooooo cute!
    Wonderful report! For some reason when reading this it made my heart beat really
    fast like you were about to perform all over again!!!!
    I love how you explain everything in all of your reports!!! They make me smile

    P.s You looked amazing and were totally more awesome than 'the pumped up and
    shiny British, looking just like from a cover of a magazine'... You were BETTER

    Much love from United Kingdom! Xxx
  • Alex Braguţa
    21 may 2011 00:35
    Aţi fost cei mai buni, cu-adevărat, dacă şi-n Trending topics pe Twitter aţi
    iar notele au fost ca de obicei doar politică. Noi suntem cu voi.
  • G.
    21 may 2011 08:55
    Guys, you absolutely deserve to be in the middle, because you were great! And
    absolutely rocked Europe. Thank you for this performance! :)))
  • Sarah
    21 may 2011 11:42
    What a great look behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing!
    Congratulations on your performance - I saw a lot of UK support for you on
    Twitter and Facebook :-)
  • Anita
    21 may 2011 21:22
    Schon als ich die ersten Töne des Liedes "So Lucky" hörte war ich begeistert, je
    mehr ich von Ihnen höre und lese um so mehr steigt die Begeisterung !!! Vielen
    Dank !!!! Viele Grüße aus Deutschland
  • Василий
    21 may 2011 22:00
    Классная заметка.
    Честно говоря не смотрю Евровидение, но когда услышал что Вы были там, сразу же
    нашёл Ваше выступление в Youtube. Спасибо ребята, это было искромётно и просто
    замечательно, я от Вашей музыки прямо всегда в пляс бросаюсь. А Европу фиг
    поймёшь им похоже очень нравится один и тот же поп корм. Удачи во всём,
    приезжайте с концертами почаще from Russia ;)
  • Antaine
    21 may 2011 22:00
    i love this piece, i hope Jedward didn't put you off Ireland, we're not all like
    that! thanks for the music and the nice poem!
  • Mark
    22 may 2011 12:24
    Hello! Sorry I took so long to write, but I have been playing DJ Vasile pretty
    much non-stop since seeing you on ESC, which doesn't leave much time for things
    like writing and shopping and eating. Thank you for a great performance and song
    on the night, and thank you for all the stuff of yours I have now found out
    about. See how many well-wishers you have from the UK and Ireland? You should
    try to get over to this side of Europe with your new album! Hope to see you soon
    (& pass on my best wishes to Tanya!) -- Mark in the UK :-)
  • Александр
    22 may 2011 14:31
    Ребята, вы единственные, кто зажёг на Евро2011!!!
    Всё было суперрррррррррррррррррррррррррррррррррррр!
  • Jesamine Adele Hollingsworth
    22 may 2011 21:59
    Yes DJ Vasile is so addictive!!! Like all of Zdob si Zdub's AMAZING songs! <3
  • Nicholette
    23 may 2011 12:39
    I am British and absolutly loved this song!! I thought our narrator Graham Norton
    is completely uncultures and I was embarrassed he thought this song was not
    serious!! he obviously didnt do his home work as he would have seen your proven
    career record. I really want to see this band after researching other records
    you have done but here are no gigs in UK. I wanna come Moldova!! HELP.
  • Vesala ite
    23 may 2011 20:16
    Mahtava esitys, loistava biisi!
    Great show, brilliant song!
  • Mister B
    24 may 2011 12:52
    You were robbed!! The best performance by a very long way...

    Congratulations on a brilliant performance

    UK (Scotland)
  • Виталий(Stalingrad)
    24 may 2011 16:29
    Эуто грэйтуэйтуль песнопляскоитэ инзе евруль смотровидцэ.
  • Ирина
    25 may 2011 17:51
    Ребята, вы отлично выступили, я в полуфинале голосовала за вас! И в 2005 тоже за
    вас голосовала, только в финале. Вы супер! Выступили отлично! И я уверена в том,
    чо вы и в третий раз поедете на Евровидение лет через 6, и обязательно
    Приезжайте в Украину, в Донецк. Я просто мечтаю попасть на ваш концерт!
  • valerie
    26 may 2011 17:57
    Thank you so so so much ... you were the best in the eurovision song contest...I
    voted for you... Your universe is so funny, magical, fairyland...THANK THANK
    THANK YOU.....

    AN OLD FRENCH WOMAN (44 years old ) ...
  • Prinzessin
    26 may 2011 20:32
    You are GREAT!
    Me and more friends of me voted for you from Germany, such a pitty it were only
    4 points!!
    You were the BEST! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Rubyruby
    27 may 2011 00:20
    You should be number 1 in U.K with So Lucky!
  • НастяЯ
    28 may 2011 14:34
    Прям муражки по коже, песня замечательно-зажигательная! Молодцы!!!
  • MC
    29 may 2011 07:52
    you were the very best !!!!!
  • Sarah Germany
    29 may 2011 14:28
    Like to listen to some more english versions of your great songs...
  • Philip (Holland)
    29 may 2011 22:55
    You guys were AMAZING at the Eurovision Song Contest! Once I saw you guys in the
    semi-finals I couldn't wait for the final to start! Not only is So Lucky
    incredibly addictive to listen to, your whole stage performancing was truly
    exciting. I get so much joy out of watching you guys perform and I would like to
    say thanks for the awesome music! I voted for you, and whether you would be in
    first place or last place, you were already the winner for me! You guys are the
    rulers of the world :-)

    I really hope you will keep on making music, and that one day you'll come to
    Holland to perform - I'll be the first in line!

    Thanks guys!!!

    - Philip from Holland
  • treesa666
    30 may 2011 23:21
    awesome :) pls come to uk!!!!
  • Вікторія
    2 june 2011 08:16
    Хлопці, ви великі молодці! Приїжджайте знов до України! Ізмаїл вас чекає!
  • Camille : 1 vote de France ;)
    4 june 2011 23:35
    Moins prétentieux que les autres mais pas moins talentueux !
    I really enJOYed your performance ! Bravo, bravo !
    I am looking forward for an opportunity to share with other fans one gig of
    yours, should I move to an other european country, it would be a doubled
    pleasure ! Thanks !
    Salutations !
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