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    We are back home, safe and sound. Eurovision 2011 was a massive experience, very challenging for us, but also helpful from a professional point of view! Many many thanks to the organizers, contestants, volunteers, fans, media representatives - to ALL! We feel really overwhelmed by your numerous messages, here on the website, but also on Facebook, Twitter etc. Your support and appreciation is more important than any place in the contest.

    We would like to remind you that you can listen to the "So Lucky" CD-Single here, and here, and here... besides the various versions of "So lucky", the Single contains a new song, "Basta Mafia", that is also taken from our newest album which is to be realesd in October 2011.

    We'll do our best to play live gigs in as many places as possible. The GIGS page has all the information on this matter.

    Stay tuned and see you soon!

    So lucky!

  • vighita
    18 may 2011 19:20
    нигде ни слова про девушку которая выступала вместе с Здоб ши Здуб на
    евровидение 2011 как зовут чем ещё занимается. супер клип у них всех вместе
  • Andrew
    18 may 2011 20:56
    This year, the Australian public vote differed significantly from the European
    vote. All weekend there were huge Eurovision parties in Melbourne, Sydney and
    the other major Australian cities.

    Although Australia cannot vote in the actual Eurovision Song Contest, each year
    the public do televote to decide their winner and in 2011 there are some
    surprise results
  • Grishakova
    18 may 2011 21:55
    Ребята, это былое лучшее выступление за всю историю Евровидения!!! Вы просто
    нереальные молодцы!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Grishakova
    18 may 2011 21:55
    Ребята, это былое лучшее выступление за всю историю Евровидения!!! Вы просто
    нереальные молодцы!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    18 may 2011 22:07
    Девушку зовут Татьяна Илеску (Tatiana Ilescu). Она, насколько я знаю, из семьи
    циркачей. Профессионально занимается моноциклом. Ты просто не видел что она
    вытворяет с обручами и на моноцикле. Загляденье.
  • Andrea
    18 may 2011 23:39
    Absolutely loved you in eurovision. You have so many fans in the UK! Would be
    amazing for you to come here...soon :)
    Also, please let me know how to get hold of one of your awesome hats, I am dying
    to have one!
  • Luke
    19 may 2011 00:01
    REALLY the BEST song at Eurovision 2011! Great SHOW!

    Hope, that i will hear from you in Germany...

  • Bruts
    19 may 2011 12:49
    Отличное выступление!
  • Batyrxan
    19 may 2011 13:29
    Syntetz SUPER!!! Avetz in planuri de facut varianta moldoveneasca si nemtzasca a
    acestui cyntec? si cu nerabdare asteptam noul album a Zdubilor
  • KenBugul
    19 may 2011 14:36
    What a wonderfull act in germany! I'am from germany and i vote for you. You are
    the real No. 1 of the ESC 2011


    Please come to germany again!
    I hope your next album release in Germany.

  • Marika
    19 may 2011 20:39
    Ребята, хочу поблагодарить за выступление, вы были потрясающи - и, несомненно,
    лучшие. Вы единственные действительно ЗАЖГЛИ))) Впервые услышала вас на
    Евровидении, осталась под грандиозным впечатлением! Когда плохое настроение,
    пересматриваю это ваше выступление, и улыбка появляется сама собой)) Творческих
    вам успехов, вдохновения!
  • Bea
    20 may 2011 03:11
    I loved your Eurovision entry,you were a breath of fresh air,quirky,musically
    talented brilliance with a catchy song that put a great big smile on my face. We
    were dancing like crazy in our household.I cannot get this tune out of my head.
    You have gained a new fan..Thankyou. Roman you have such charisma and stage

    The fools who vote politically have no idea about good music when it hits them
    in the face..but..then again..ESC is not about the music but about politics. I
    am just so happy that you have managed to showcase your talent to a worldwide
    audience gaining exposure and recognition. We love you Zdob si Zdub!!! Please
    tour the UK!!!!
  • cum o cheama pe zeita?
    20 may 2011 03:55
    cool, bizar, original, foarte tare.
  • Оля
    20 may 2011 14:00
    Да вы былии лучшими))))))))))))))))))))
    Ждём вас в Москве!!!
  • Rosenrot
    20 may 2011 16:12
    Yet another new fan from the UK - you're amazing! Next chance I get to see you
    in concert, I'll be there :)!
  • Людмила
    20 may 2011 17:07
    Ваше выступление - лучшее!!!!!!!!! Впервые увидела вас на этом Евровидении,
    теперь очень жду ваш концерт - приезжайте в Екатеринбург! Здесь много ваших
  • Feegle
    20 may 2011 22:46
    Best song and best performance in Düsseldorf. Love it.
  • Лена
    21 may 2011 00:40
    Ребята, вы молодцы! Очень яркое и зажигательное выступление!
    Удачи вам! Успешного продвижения на запад! и не забывайте про Россию!)
  • 123
    21 may 2011 09:23
    У меня кстати до сих пор есть нож-бабочка который мне Ягупов подарил в Одессе .
    лет 10-11 точно прошло.
  • Nik
    21 may 2011 20:28
    Безукоризненное выступления!!Вам не было равных))Так держать)Молдавская музыка
  • ЮЮ
    22 may 2011 20:52
    Вы лучшие на EBPO!
  • gabi
    26 may 2011 12:57
    mare pacat ca n-ati cantat romaneste fratilor; chiar si asa ati fost super, like
    always! love u,xx
  • Poussin
    3 june 2011 14:25
    Toata stima si consideratia pentru voi , bravo ! Sinteti originali ! Multe dintre
    piesele cintate la Eurovision 2011 se apropie de " plagiat ", "copieri " , voi,
    insa, ati demonstrat inca o data, ca in muzica fantezia nu a luat sfirsit .
    Ritm, spectacol , voce, talente, imaginatie, vers -toate va apartin . Sa vi se
    deschida portile oriunde, caci meritati.
  • miguelmad
    10 june 2011 23:24
    yours was the best song in 2011 ESC.
    cheers from Madrid!!
  • Katja
    29 june 2011 10:37
    Your song was really the best on ESC; it should have won. Great and strong music
    and a very funny performance. And I especially liked the cute manikins with the
    pointed heads on the sreen behind you. I voted for you, of course.
    I also bought the song from amazon, but unfortunately it's the CD version, and I
    must say, the live version from the ESC is much better - more powerful and
    funny. I could hear it again and again and wish I could buy that somewhere,
    Nevertheless I'm looking forward to your new CD, hope for concerts in Germany
    and wish you good luck and much success for the future!


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