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    We are back home, safe and sound. Eurovision 2011 was a massive experience, very challenging for us, but also helpful from a professional point of view! Many many thanks to the organizers, contestants, volunteers, fans, media representatives - to ALL! We feel really overwhelmed by your numerous messages, here on the website, but also on Facebook, Twitter etc. Your support and appreciation is more important than any place in the contest.

    We would like to remind you that you can listen to the "So Lucky" CD-Single here, and here, and here... besides the various versions of "So lucky", the Single contains a new song, "Basta Mafia", that is also taken from our newest album which is to be realesd in October 2011.

    We'll do our best to play live gigs in as many places as possible. The GIGS page has all the information on this matter.

    Stay tuned and see you soon!

    So lucky!

  • yurr4ik
    17 may 2011 15:57
    Подскажите,если кто в курсе,где можно приобрести фотболку "So
  • zsz
    17 may 2011 16:00
    eshio ne v prodazhe... no podumaem kak reshit' etot vopros )
  • Banana
    17 may 2011 16:22
    October? Why soooo late... But I'm looking forward to your new album. Will it be
    available in Germany???
  • zsz
    17 may 2011 16:25
    it will be released by a German records for sure ;)
  • ceysu
    17 may 2011 16:27
    you guys rock!
  • austria loves you^^
    17 may 2011 17:42
  • Edita
    17 may 2011 18:24
    will you come to London??? please please please!.. :))
    17 may 2011 20:54
    Отличное выступление! Действительно, судя по постам вся подготовка и само
    евровидение для вас было целым испытанием. Вы прошли его с честью!
    Ждем в Москве! Норок!
  • Steve.Joe
    17 may 2011 21:17
    "so lucky" - coolest song on esc; i liked the ska-elements

    Greetings from Germany
  • Elena - from Kiev
    17 may 2011 21:20
    Я думаю, что по горячим следам Евровидения 2011, чтобы утвердить вашу
    популярность, было бы хорошо выступить с концертами в Англии, Ирландии, Италии,
    Португалии. Это будет очень важным шагом, чтобы стать известными и в Западной
    Европе. А страны бывшего СССР и так вас хорошо знают и любят. Но не забывайте
    Украину, Россию, Белоруссию, Грузию, Азербайджан (но это после турне по Западной
    Европе). Насчет Прибалтийских стран даже не знаю, они как-то слабо проголосовали
    за песню "So lucky".
    Удачи Вам, парни!!!!!!
  • Edy
    17 may 2011 21:41
    Так держать земляки!!! дали огня на евровидение!!!
    нет слов, просто классссссс!!!!!!!!
    С наиличщими пожеланиями с германии,
  • serban
    17 may 2011 22:14
    ba baieti... sint roman si imi place foarte mult cum cantati. tineti-o tot asa
  • Pius K
    17 may 2011 22:41
    Einfach lässig Eure Musik!
  • Nathan
    17 may 2011 22:55
    Voted from the United Kingdom. You guys will always have the support from our
    country and we would love to see you back in Eurovision again! :)
  • Gabor
    17 may 2011 23:01
    The song is so powerful. I fell in love with it. Voted from Hungary. Keep on
    cheering me up.
  • jeannette
    18 may 2011 07:47
    hey guys, you are just too good for the ESC! Been watching you for years, will
    you please please please finally come to Switzerland?? Check out that would be the perfect location for a
    gig - 800yr old building, perfect accoustics, highly professional crew....if
    you're interested, i could hook you up with the salzhaus-crew...
    thumps up from brugg/switzerland!
  • Xiusha
    18 may 2011 09:53
    cei mai buni !!! merci pentru un show spectaculos, pentru o poveste superba ,
    parca urmaream un cartoon de-a lui Tim Burton) si pentru o buna dispozitia ,
    am sarit in sus pe percursul intregului numar :) si cu noi impreuna tot barul
    care se uita la eurovision) !! Bravo!!!!
  • Kalamarita
    18 may 2011 10:21
    woooowww I love you guys!!!!! please come to Belgium!!! I'll be jumping and
    singing in the first line!
    Bravo for the show, it was the best :)
  • Nathan
    18 may 2011 11:33
    plz plz plz come to England, Lincoln preferably we love you here <3 <3
  • Stu Mo
    18 may 2011 11:43
    You guys rocked, we loved u in the UK, I voted for your song, was a breath of
    fresh air in that contest. Love to catch you live, when r u in the UK???
  • Allan Blakley
    18 may 2011 13:20
    Fellas, what a blast. So much energy and talent. You would be most welcome at the
    festivals in Australia. Will have to buy your new album from a Scottish
    relative. Have to agree with Stu Mo, you really livened up the Eurovision
    competition, congratulations!!
  • Germanicus - Positive Vibration
    18 may 2011 14:26
    your Song make me :) SO LUCKY !
    The best song, the best show and a sweet princess on the bike. I hope we will
    see you a third time on ESC ;)
  • desso
    18 may 2011 14:55
    Ребята, вы были лучшими! Даже не потому, что я обожаю вашу музыку, а просто,
    трезво все взвесив, на холодную голову, с привлечением незаинтересованных
    слушателей :) Отправил пять смсок, жаль не хватило еще пары миллионов дотянуть
    вас до первого заслуженного на 100% места) Молодцы! Жаль, в примитивном
    английском тексте нельзя выразить все, что вы написали по веселых лэутар и их
    волшебные кушмы)))
  • Jaybee
    18 may 2011 15:48
    I too wish you would come to the UK. Thought you were amazing on Eurovision. You
    should have won. Love you
  • luckygrrl
    18 may 2011 15:48
    Please come to the United States!! We love you in California!


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