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    In a few days the "So Lucky" Promo-CD will be ready for being distributed here in Dusseldorf. 
    Meanwhile, exclusively on our website and on, one can listen to the songs featured on the CD. Besides the various versions and remixes of "So Lucky", we are glad to present you the second song from our new album - "Basta Mafia!"

    So Lucky - CD-Single
    (1-4) Music: Mihail Gincu/Marc Elsner; Lyrics: Marc Elsner/Andy Schuman 
    (5) Music: Mihail Gincu/Marc Elsner; 
    Lyrics: Marc Elsner/Andy Schuman/Roman Iagupov
    Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Marc Elsner, Headroom Studio, Berlin 2011
    6. So Lucky (XØC Punktronik Mix)
    Produced by Franz "Moroboshi" Ardito, Barcelona 2011 (
    7. So Lucky (Summer Camp Mix)
    Remixed by baTiSkaf (Stas Taraschansky), Boston 2011

    We are the flying fiddlers!
    We wear magic hats (kushmas)...
    They are like antennas always tuned to positive!
    These are corncobs, sowing seeds of joy and playfulness...
    These are memories from our childhood...
    The magic hats are our mascot, as Grandma with the drum was once!
    They do not bend, because they symbolize our desire – Unbending desire to joke, dance, and make people happy!
    Our dresses – the blanket of the southern winds,
    Our guitars – like a thunder in the May night.
    The voices - pure forest streams,
    And the trumpets - a ringing rock-crystal!
    Our house is in the woods, among the green oaks ...
    We are the happy flying fiddlers in kushmas and with instruments!
    We fly around the world and rejoice people...
    We want everyone to smile, put a kushma on and say: “Long live LOVE!”
    Love changes us!
    It is the metamorphosis!
    Believe in it and the frog will turn into a handsome prince!
    Just as in the case of our song’s hero.
    Sooo Lucky to everyone!
    Love each other! 


    P.S.: No sheep has suffered while creating the hats. Kushmas are made ​​of faux karakul. Preserve nature!

  • BS
    7 may 2011 11:17
    Оч даже! Интересная версия Jos mafia на инглише
  • Ира
    8 may 2011 16:59
    Дорогие ЗдобзиЗдубы.
    Желаю вам удачи!
    Я когда увидела Ваш клип для евровидения, сразу поняла за кого болеть буду )
    Но ... зря вы сделали такую евровижионную концертную версию в шапках с
    "клоунами". Потеряли весь свой шик и неотразимость, брутальность!
    Стали потешными клоунами, отвлекли слишком банальным и откровенным видеорядом от
    ШИКАРНОГО саунда.
    Но желаю вам удачи.
  • hameleon
    8 may 2011 18:54
    Где можно заказать футболку "So lucky"?
  • yurr4ik
    9 may 2011 23:13
    Да! Где можно взять футболку "So Lucky"????
  • adir
    12 may 2011 23:15
    Nice, multa bafta prieteni ;)
  • Scott
    18 may 2011 19:01
    Please come to the UK!

    I was falling to sleep through Eurovision... your song woke me up & I don't know
    if any act has ever had a unicycle on stage!

    Respect for the Faux karakul. Preserve nature!
  • Rick
    19 may 2011 00:09
    Great song! Should have won! Do you know where we can get hold of the hats you
    were wearing?
  • Scott
    19 may 2011 08:15
    I use Soundcloud to upload my music, on there I'm "Billyourkid", I searched you &


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