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    On April 29 we invited the Moldovan mass-media to assist at our home rehearsals. Below watch a video from the rehearsals:

    We also held a short press-conference where we described our new costumes, talked about the promotional materials that we have prepared for Dusseldorf, and explained that unfortunately, due to lack of time, the video will be ready only after the Eurovision. On Monday, May 2, we'll head to Dusseldorf and on May 3 our first general rehearsal will take place. Already now various Eurovision-dedicated websites offer videos and photos from the first semifinal rehearsals.
    We’ll try to keep you very informed about our activities in Dusseldorf. Don’t forget about our profiles on the social networks, those are easier to update.
  • BS
    3 may 2011 20:12
    Это не спам. А действительно крутой канал, который подходит Здубам по
    мировозрению. Ваши клипы должны быть здесь:
    4 may 2011 15:35
    Пацаны в молодцы!!!Песня классная, ваще и костюмы супер Порвете всех !!!Ставки
    только на вас...!!!
  • Olga
    5 may 2011 21:48
    Aici e cu mult mult mult mai bine decît pe scena de pe dusseldorf ..oricum Zdubii
    cei mai buni
  • petea
    7 may 2011 19:24
    o sa sugeti voi ....
    7 may 2011 19:26
  • crocodilu
    9 may 2011 23:01
    cat mai multe piese in limba romana.......ati cam lipsit din peisaj cu asa ceva.
  • dimidrol
    15 may 2011 20:21
    krokodilule rupio si te skalda nafiga noua in romina lasa ka moldovneste
    e mai klasna da daka tu esti biciara si nu stii rusa rupio si askulta manele


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