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    An already well-known fact - modern technology allows us to spread the word about our music and activity and you too can get involved in this process, especially now, that the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is so close. We promise, it won't take you too much time and effort.

    So how could you help us in this important moment? Here are some examples:

    - On Youtube, one can use the Like, Comment, Share functions. Here are some links with the song:
    - Share our Eurovision song, “So lucky”, on the profiles that you have on various social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Livejournal, MySpace etc.

    - Write about us on your blog.

    - Use the “Like”, “Recommend”, “Tweet”, “Share” etc. buttons available for every article on our website and for most articles about us written on other websites.

    - Express your opinion on various websites dedicated to Eurovision (,,, and any other that you might know, maybe in your native language).

    - Surely, we’ll be more than glad if you share any information about us and tell your friends about your 2011 Eurovision preferences. You could share the links to our websites, articles posted here, and official profiles on various networks. Invite your friends to connect to us:
    Use any method that is available at your fingertips. Thanks to your support, your friends will find out about us… and maybe vote for us at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 :)

    Always yours, Zdob si Zdub
    Spread the word and love!
  • Molfar MC
    29 april 2011 21:01
    Парни приежайте с концертом в Черновцы!!!!! Мы ждем Вас!!!!!
  • Мариора
    29 april 2011 21:30
    ДА! ДА! сразу после Евро:))))))
  • Ваньок
    30 april 2011 10:28
    Ну в Тернополь тоже можна)))
  • Овечка Миорица
    30 april 2011 14:11
    хотя бы просто в Украину
  • Овечка Миорица
    30 april 2011 22:27
    Разместила уже Вконтакте Вас, любимые мои здобы!!! ВСЕ ДЛЯ ВАС!!!
    4 may 2011 15:46
    Парни есть совет)), может девушку без этой шляпки!)
  • crocodilu
    9 may 2011 23:05
    cat mai multe piese in limba romana.......ati cam lipsit din peisaj cu asa ceva.
  • Makaela
    12 july 2011 16:49
    I went to tons of links before this, what was I tihnikng?


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